Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Some of you may know me from a previous blog incarnation "Sour Grapes in Italy" in which I blogged (moaned) about having a broken leg. Then I ran out of steam, was put back on my feet and the blog trailed off into cyber-lonliness until I retrieved and destroyed it some time later. And I didn't even say goodbye! I apologise, but am now happy to put aside that miserable chapter of my life and commence with a new, more positive blog. I tried to think of a positive catchy grape expressions to continue the grape theme but nothing gave me grape inspiration (ha ha) so for now I have this rather "blah" title until I am struck by grape genius. Maybe a glass of wine will help.....


  1. Oh so glad I re-stumbled upon your blog. Your leg tales blog was hilarious! :)

    How's the leg BTW?

  2. Hey Kataroma!
    Nice to hear from you again and I can't believe your little one is already toddling!
    My leg's doing good thanks, still a bit limpy every now and again if I've been hiking it round the city, but for the most part fine.
    In fact right now I'm heading out to the park for a mini-jog. Piano, piano!